Nathan Haynes – Artist Entrepreneur – Vancouver, BC Canada

(Cedar Cottage/Kensington/Little Saigon/Eastvan)


To create a symbiotic relationship between my entrepreneurial spirit in engineering and my aptitude in fine arts. To blur the lines between quantifiable results and emotional expression. To engage in projects of social value that go beyond the conceivable tangibles. To exhibit my artworks professionally and actively engage with more gallerists, curators & collectors.

Artist Statement:

I make artwork that appeals to my emotional sensibilities and captures a moment in time that ceases as quickly as it exists. I use paint, canvas and responsive technology to question our analog and digital selves. Using a disruptive methodology at my practice I’ve found my greatest accomplishments are realized when I risk and then refine. That process has opened me upto a state of intuitive creation where I can find a sense of purity in myself and the medium. That finite moment keeps me hungry, excited and challenging myself.


I’m a Canadian born, second generation artist entrepreneur with an active studio in Vancouver BC, Canada. Over the years I’ve had the chance to participate in some pretty amazing experiences with really awesome people. I’ve taken very challenging risks and worked extremely hard to create, learn and refine what I do as an artist and engineer. I use my background and acquired skillsets to create environments that play with color (or lack there of), architectural scale and more recently; light & responsive technologies. Having been born into the age of internet I find the dichotomy of our bygone analog era & the ever evolving digital world fuel my creative passions. It makes me value and preserve my fine art paint techniques while actively pushing the creative limits of modern technology. I have been a dedicated painter and technologist my whole life and continue to exhibit, sell and commission locally & internationally. I currently represent myself for all inquires, so hit me up anytime.

Artist CV:

2013 >> Out Of The Rain – Artist Donation – Homeless Action Week – Vancouver Community College | Vancouver, BC

2013 >> Hardscrabble Gallery – Solo Exhibition‘Nathan Haynes: Clouds’ | Vancouver, BC

2012 >> Green House Studios/Cultch – Exhibition & Sale – East Side Culture Crawl – ‘Frequencies’ with Agata Stefanowicz | Vancouver, BC

2011 >> The Inside Gallery – Group Exhibition  | ‘Inside Outside The Box’ with Damien Manchuk, David BuchananBrian Bunny BatistaAran McCormick and more | Calgary, Ab

2006 >> Collaborative Large Mural Project | Nebraska, USA

2005 >> Collaborative Large Mural Project | Texas, USA

2003 >> Tardisaster Project – Group Audio Visual Exhibition – Calgary Jazz Festival | Calgary, Ab

2002 >> Artpark – Group Exhibition – Daniel Spanogal Centre for Contemporary Art & Mischief | Calgary, Ab

2002 >> Tardisaster Project – Group Audio Visual Exhibition – ‘Platarium One’ | Calgary Science Centre, Ab

2002 >>Artpark – Group Exhibition – Daniel Spanogal Centre for Contemporary Art & Mischief | Calgary, Ab

2001 >> Artpark – Group Exhibition – Daniel Spanogal Centre for Contemporary Art & Mischief | Calgary, Ab

2001 >> Artpark – Group Exhibition – Emerald Cafe | Calgary, Ab

2000 >> Artpark – Group Exhibition – 421 Meredith Road | Calgary, Ab

2000 >> Illingsworth Kerr Gallery – Group Exhibition – ‘Skyscrapers, Robots and Lego’ with Damien Manchuk and Ryan Statz | Calgary, Ab


2006 – Ongoing >> AVIO Designs – Founder/Director | Vancouver, BC

2009 – 2010 >> New Space Technologies – Technical Lead/Designer | Vancouver, BC

2002-2006 >> Sound Plus – Lead Designer | Vancouver, BC

1998-2002 >> Engineered Systems Division | Calgary, Ab


2011-Ongoing >> Presentation House Gallery – General Help| North Vancouver, BC

2006-2007 >> Ekoloop – Branding & Media | Vancouver, BC

Articles & Media Links:

Crestron International>> Technology Case Study | Vancouver BC

D-Tools Inc. >> Design Award | CEDIA Denver, CO

Michael Turner >> Websit – 2014| Vancouver, BC

Youtube >> Clouds – Hardscrabble Gallery – 2013 | Vancouver, BC

Tardisaster >> Planatarium One – FFWD Cover – 2002 – #0502 | Calgary, Ab

Artpark >> FFWD May 08 2002 Vol. 7 No. 21 | Calgary, Ab

Skyscrapers, Robots and Lego – The Calgary Straight Vol4 #161 Aug 2-8 2001 | Calgary, Ab

Ciccone (Band) >> Vox Magazine  | Calgary, Ab